Julie Moskal

Featured Local Artist- Photography


"My first interest in art was in drawing and then oil painting at age 14. When I was 18, I asked for a camera for graduation and received a 110 camera. I couldn’t really afford the film processing at that time so I would take pictures and never get the film developed.                                                                                                                                      

When my youngest child was in high school, I got my first digital camera and everything changed. Suddenly, I was able to instantly see the photographs I was taking. I could take dozens of pictures without the cost of developing and printing. I couldn’t get enough of everything photography, and experience is the best teacher.                  

My heart is in travel and street photography but when I don’t have the opportunity to travel I hit the road and do local day trips or go into my own back yard. When shooting, I look for details that others may overlook. Then when I’m reviewing the photos, I find ones that grab my attention and I edit those.                                                               

I love the creativity of photography. It is important to know your equipment and the settings to get the most out of it. I visualize what I want from the photo I am making and set the camera settings to get the effect I want. Different lenses also allow for different effects and post-processing can be fun too.                                                                

They say, a picture says a thousand words. I feel like a picture tells an entire story. I want people to have an emotional connection to my work and to look at a picture I have made and feel like they can step right into the scene in front of them and imagine what is going on. When you make a photo you freeze time and capture a moment that will never be recovered again. There are never two moments exactly alike, but you can revisit that time by looking at the photo over and over. Sometimes you get lucky and capture just the right light in someone’s eye or an expression that shows who they really are.                                                                                                                  

After years of trying, I finally captured the essence of my grandmother while she was sitting at her kitchen table, where we have shared many conversations from the time I was little. She was in deep thought with an expression on her face I have seen many times. It is a beautiful candid portrait of her and one of my favorite shots. She passed away recently so I am glad I have that memory of her, I will cherish it for many years to come.                           

In addition to photography, I have great faith in God. I love dancing and I also enjoy bike riding, reading, yoga, taking long walks, gardening, travel, playing guitar and spending time with my family."

-Julie Moskal