Current Exhibition

Wray Clifford : Into The Sun
June 2nd - July 12th

I’m a contemporary realist painter. From my training as a medical illustrator, it’s no surprise that I enjoy the beauty in the detail, but I also adore color and light. I want people to venture into my paintings and get lost along the way.

I love to paint the landscape, because I love the overwhelming feeling of the vastness of the world and the small speck we are within it. These paintings are a collection of landscapes of my life: the landscape currently around me, and some of where I'm headed. In all of the paintings you see a path—whether it's a road, a river, a creek, a flower path through a meadow—it’s a metaphor for the journey I'm on.

With these works, I hope to evoke a feeling of solitude and tranquility—a journey from the darkness into the light. And ultimately, a reminder to constantly look for brightness and beauty through the shadows of life.

Upcoming Show: 

New Works In Oil

by Jon M. Browning

July 14 – August 25, 2017

Artist Opening Reception:  
July 21st:  6:00 – 8:30pm
Into The Sun |  24 x 24  

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