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Lynn Bird
Maggie Creek
Judy Hazen
Rebecca Taft
Bridgette Turner


October 13 - November 17

Opening Reception - Oct 13th: 6:00 - 8:30 PM


All artists experience that “moment” when facing down a blank canvas or a lifeless lump of clay.  We ask ourselves if we have what it takes, the skill set and soul to express our thoughts and feelings.  We question our ability to focus on the inspiration and not figuratively get lost in the weeds.  

Can we hope to divine that sinuous line of a shape, explore the hundreds of greens in a landscape, or express and share the comfort and quiet we feel when surrounded by nature?

Cancer invades your life. Cancer is uninvited, unwelcome, uneverything. Cancer is our diagnosis, but cancer is not our identity. Our answer is HOPE - hope that we can face down the blasted inconvenience of cancer, and the fear it unveils in all of us.

As survivors, each of the artists in this show have had to BELIEVE they have what it takes to face down a new foe, walk thru the fire, and decide to instead give greater focus to the people and things they love. 

In keeping with the mission of the Griffin Gallery, a portion of the proceeds from this show will go to Pelotonia. At The James, funding from Pelotonia tackles cancer research, education, and prevention with creativity and brilliance.  The newest therapies and imaging give us the opportunity to continue facing our challenges, dealing with fragility and strength, and enabling us to express our loves, and sometimes losses.  Through our journey, we have truly been blessed.

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